Great Locations for Using Exterior Concrete Staining, Minneapolis

If you built a deck, but didn’t stain, seal, or finish the wood, would you called the deck completed? No. And yet the majority of people do that whenever they lay concrete around their home. Sure, untreated concrete is quite a bit more durable than untreated wood, but visually speaking, the work is half-finished either way.

Exterior Concrete Staining Minneapolis

Exterior concrete staining can literally transform what would otherwise be boring concrete into something unique and beautiful. If you’ve seen exterior concrete staining in Minnesota, you know exactly what we mean.

But what’s the best place to use concrete staining? Here are some of the most popular places for exterior concrete staining, Minneapolis and beyond.


For many people, patios have become the new deck. They have a lot of advantages. They’re typically cheaper, require less maintenance, and they have all the customization and staining options that a deck has.

With some concrete staining, your patio can become something truly unique to you.


Fewer things look more beautiful in a backyard than a pool surrounded by stained concrete. The cement becomes more resilient to the water, and should someone take a tumble, they land on a much smoother surface than un-finished concrete.


If you have pathways going through your yard, stained concrete is a great choice if you want them to mesh with their surroundings.


Want a driveway that’s more than a giant, gray slab? A stained driveway will instantly make your house stand out, complementing the colors of your home perfectly.

How Long Will It Last?

When maintained properly, stained concrete can last a lifetime. Of course, if you want to change it up, that’s an option as well.

Exterior Concrete Staining is Only Limited by Your Imagination

If laying concrete is an option, that means staining concrete is an option. And that concrete can be stained in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and finishes. For exterior concrete staining in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities metro, and western Wisconsin, Artisan Concrete has you covered.

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