Advantages to Sealing Your Driveway

Your driveway is an important part of your home. Especially for those who have a front facing driveway. It is the gateway to where you live and one of the very first things people see when they visit your house.

You want to make sure it’s looking good.

Unfortunately, driveways experience a lot of wear and tear. Vehicles are driving and resting on them non-stop. They’re exposed to the elements. The ground shifts beneath them. Tree and plant roots sometimes disrupt them. Left unchecked, a driveway can quickly crack and crumble.  The surface can become worn and faded.

To keep up appearances, you need to be proactive. One great way to protect and beautify your driveway is by adding a sealant. When it comes to sealing your driveway, you have two primary choices: use a topical acrylic sealant or a penetrating sealant.

Which is right for you? It depends on your goals.

Acrylic Sealants for Driveways

An acrylic sealant is a solvent-based compound that creates a layer across the top of your driveway. This leaves a gloss finish that makes your driveway standout. Acrylic sealant can be mixed with concrete stain to give your driveway a unique shade of color that matches your home.

While the main benefit of acrylic sealant is its appearance enhancing abilities, it does offer some water-resistance as well.

Penetrating Sealants for Driveways

If you want to protect your driveway from the elements, a penetrating sealant can do just that. True to their name, this chemical compound penetrates the surface of the concrete, strengthening the surface.

It does not create a film on the surface leaving your driveway looking as it did before with the exception that it now repels water.


But don’t let looks deceive you. A treated driveway is resistant to liquids, corrosion, cold temperatures, deicing chemicals, and more.

Whatever You Do, Use a Professional

Don’t leave your driveway to untrained hands. Concrete sealant is a powerful chemical compound. Applied incorrectly, you could damage your driveway or ruin its appearance. You could end up having to hire a professional to remove the sealant and start all over.

Instead, save yourself the trouble and use a professional to make sure your driveway is properly protected.

Whether you’re wanting a stained, decorative driveway or one that’s protected by a strong penetrating sealant, Artisan Concrete Pro is here for all of your exterior concrete staining Minneapolis needs. Contact us today!