Caring for Stamped Concrete

While stamped concrete is a resilient surface, you should make sure you’re properly caring for it. It’s not difficult to do, but to ensure the best concrete experience, we’ve put together a few pro-tips for stamped concrete maintenance.

Sweep, Mop, and Spray

Whether it’s inside or outside, semi-regular sweeping will take care of most of this. That said, you’ll want to use some water from time to time for a deeper cleaning. If it’s outside, a simple spray with a house or power washer can clean away dirt or debris that’s settled into the surface.

For interior stamped concrete, just use a mop.

Be Careful with Salts

You should always be cautious when using salts on exterior stamped concrete. Especially if it’s new. The corrosive properties can wear away the concrete. With stamped concrete specifically, salt can get trapped in crevices, causing additional damage.

Touch it Up

If your stamped concrete is stained or coated, you’ll want it touched up periodically, especially if it’s in heavily traffic areas. The touch-up process is quick and will leave your concrete looking brand new again.

When the color starts to fade or a glossy finish becomes dull, call up a concrete artisan, and they’ll restore it to its proper state.

Glides on Furniture

Whether inside or outside, if you have furniture resting on your stamped concrete, it isn’t a bad idea to add some plastic glides/slides/pads to the bottom. This will greatly reduce friction between your furniture and the concrete surface, reducing wear.

A High-End Appearance for an Affordable Price

Stamped concrete is able to mimic the appearance of expensive natural stone options without breaking your budget. From brick to slate, we can transform your concrete into something beautiful.

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