Concrete Crack Repair Minneapolis

Concrete is a beautiful, durable, long lasting material that works great for a huge variety of flooring locations.

But nothing is perfect.

Concrete will inevitably crack. Because of the way it settles, shrinks, and hardens, cracks appear in the surface. That said, these cracks should be subtle and sparse. Most people probably won’t even notice them. As for the integrity of the concrete, that remains intact.

concrete crack repair Minneapolis

At what point do I need concrete crack repair, Minneapolis residents often ask us.

If those cracks become deep and wide or there appears to be shifting happening between the different sections, then you have a problem. It doesn’t mean the concrete needs to be replaced. It just means that some repairs need to be done.

And probably not by the person who installed it.

How We Do Concrete Crack Repair in Minneapolis

The method of crack repair depends on its situation. Size, age, depth, and wear all factor in to the methods used. It’s also important to determine the cause of the problem.

A bad concrete job isn’t the only cause of excessive concrete cracks. Your house could be experiencing foundation shifting. Roots could be growing through the bottom of your home. There may be a plumbing issue.

That’s why it’s best to hire a professional for concrete crack repair. Minneapolis residents trust in the team at Artisan concrete to make sure their floors are taken care of properly.

Our team is able to determine the cause of the cracks, and from there, repair and advise accordingly.

You shouldn’t let the potential for cracks deter you from choosing a stained or sealed concrete floor. Think of it like a hardwood table. They have cracks and knots, and these things only add to the aesthetic. It gives an authentic feel.

And the same goes for concrete flooring. With the right styling or a deep finish, you can blend any cracks into the look.

At Artisan Concrete, we have you covered for staining, sealing, and concrete crack repair in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities Metro, and western Wisconsin. Contact us today!