Hard Floor Showdown: Stained Concrete vs Hardwood

After decades of carpet being the king of interiors, hard floors have made a fairly substantial comeback in recent years. And for good reason.

Carpet tends to go out of style quickly, while hard floors are largely timeless. Carpet stains, rips, and fades, while hard floors are incredibly resilient.

Oh, and hard floors are just beautiful. Let’s be honest.

That’s why they’re popping up in places beyond kitchens and bathrooms. Hard floors are great for hallways, basements, living areas, dens, and more. Once you’ve decided that a hard floor is the way to go, you’re immediately faced with another question:

Stained Concrete or Wood?

Both of these options can leave you with a great looking for, but which will provide the superior results at a cost effective price? Speaking from extensive professional experience, we have to give the edge to stained concrete.

And here is why:

Stained Concrete is More Versatile

Without question, you can do more with stained concrete. If you put in a wood floor, it’s going to look like a wood floor. The colors of the wood can change, but that’s about it. Stained concrete, on the other hand, can look like just about anything (including wood).

It can feature different patterns, colors, glosses, and more, resulting in a perfect match with the surrounding aesthetics. It’s just stunning.

Stronger and Longer Lasting

Wood flooring can often last a while, however, concrete will almost always outlast it. Whereas wood could get wet, rotted, or broken, concrete endures. Should the concrete crack or chip significantly, a simple repair in the affected area will get it back to normal.

Concrete is water and stain resistant. It doesn’t get scratched easily. And it won’t buckle under pressure.

Stained Concrete is More Affordable

Stained concrete is surprisingly affordable, especially if the area you’re working in already has concrete in place. The price per square foot is not only lower than wood, but even wood laminate in most cases.

Even if fresh concrete needs to be poured, the materials and labor cost can be less than wood installation.

The Choice is Surprisingly Simple

Taking in the facts, the superior hard floor is obvious. If you’re looking for interior concrete staining in Minnesota, the twin cities metro, or western Wisconsin, contact the team at Artisan today for a quote.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the affordability and the options available.

And once you see the finished results, you’ll know you made the right choice.