Should I Polish My Concrete? The Problem with Polished Concrete.

Polished concrete has become a hot trend lately. It looks nice. The price is relatively affordable. It’s basically like stained and sealed concrete with fewer chemicals, right?


Polished Concrete Does Look Nice

Polished concrete is ground and buffed to deliver a nice, shiny finish. Once that’s been done, a densifier applicant is typically added, after which, it’s polished once more.

The end result is a glossy floor.

But it is not a sealed or protected floor, and that’s where polished concrete falls far short of stained and sealed concrete.

Polished Concrete is Not Protected

When concrete is sealed, a protective layer is added on top of the concrete that binds with the surface, creating a barrier that protects against stains, spills, traffic, and more. With polished concrete, there is no protective coating.

In fact, since the surface is ground down, polished concrete is sometimes more susceptible to stains than untreated concrete. Other problems with polished concrete include wavy lines, uneven floors, and unfinished edges.

I Really Just Want a Shiny, Beautiful Floor That Lasts

At Artisan, we’ve come across many homeowners who chose polished concrete, only to discover how vulnerable it is to spills, scrapes, and stains. And they typically pay as much as (if not more than) concrete sealing.

To achieve a floor that’s both beautiful and protected, concrete coating is the way to go. It’ll will make sure your concrete surface not only looks good, but stays beautiful. To add a more unique look, why not stain it with a certain color or pattern?

With concrete staining, your floor doesn’t have to look gray and dull. It can look like just about anything you want it to.

For concrete sealing and concrete staining in Minnesota, trust in the professionals at Artisan Concrete Pro. We’ll leave you with a great looking floor at an affordable price.