Stained Concrete FAQ

Around here, we talk about concrete staining like it’s our passion…because it IS our passion. While many are eager to spruce up their home, office, and other facilities with beautifully stained concrete as soon as they hear about it, some have a few questions first.

So rather than waiting for you to ask, we’ve put together a list of the frequently asked questions that we receive about stained concrete.

What Exactly is Stained Concrete?

If you don’t know the specifics, you can probably guess the basics of stained concrete. It involves a staining compound and concrete.

Much like wood stain, concrete stain is a chemical compound that penetrates the surface of concrete, leaving a desired color behind. It doesn’t completely cover up the surface, rather, it enhances what’s already there.

Also like wood stain, it’s used for both inside and outside surfaces. However, it’s not exactly like wood stain, which we’ll get to in the next few questions.

What does it look like?

Unlike wood staining, concrete staining has a lot of versatility. In addition to numerous colors, concrete stain can be stylized in different patterns and designs. It can even mimic other surfaces like granite, marble, tile, and wood.

With wood flooring, no matter how you stain it, you’re going to end up with a floor that looks like wood. With stained concrete flooring, the possibilities are endless.

Is it Permanent?

Concrete stain is a very complex and powerful. Even more so than wood stain. Where it lands, it stays (or should we say “stays in”). If concrete stain is misapplied or spilled, you’ll likely need professional removal services.

Does it Wear?

While the stain itself is there to stay (unless you scrape or grind your floor), a protective coating is applied to the top. This, overtime, can fade, and needs to be touched up. The touch up process is relatively straight forward and inexpensive. Best of all, it leaves your floor looking like new again!

Is it Expensive?

Concrete staining is surprisingly affordable, especially when you already have concrete in place. In many instances, it’s cheaper than wood, tile, and carpet. The exact cost depends on the current condition of your floor, the type of stain you’d like to use, and a few other variables.

The best way to find out about the cost is to contact a professional (*cough**cough*) to get a free quote.

Can My Concrete be Stained?

Almost any concrete surface can be stained, both indoor and outdoor. However, depending on the integrity of the surface, some repair and maintenance might be needed first. Once again, the best way to determine your concrete’s stainability is to contact a professional.

Do I Need a Professional or Can I Do it Myself?

While you can buy concrete stain at the store, and you can find videos on YouTube of how to do your own staining, this is not recommended. As mentioned before, concrete stain is very complex and very permanent. Additionally, the application process is tricky, and it has to be done just right or it won’t set properly.

The end result of a bad stain job is a hazy, blotchy mess that no one will want to look at.

For concrete staining in Minnesota, the Twin Cities, and western Wisconsin, contact us at Artisan Concrete Pro. We’ll make sure the job gets done right, and the end result is beautiful.