The Beauty of Stained Concrete, Minnesota and Beyond

By themselves, the words “stain” and “concrete” don’t exactly inspire images of beauty. But together, they form something that’s durable, unique, smooth, and wonderful.

stained concrete MN

Stained concrete is a great flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

And if you already have concrete laid down, you’re half way there.  When tearing up their old carpet, tile, or paneling, many homeowners discover unfinished concrete below. Rather than cover it up again, this can be put to great use with some proper staining.

Why would you want to have concrete over carpet or paneling? Besides the beautiful appearance, there are a number of advantages to concrete.

Durability and Maintenance

You’re probably aware that concrete is very durable. That doesn’t change when we put a stained finish on it. Spills, water, debris, etc. all bounce off the surface. If you do manage to scratch it, a simple touch up can take care of that.

In other words, stained concrete is much harder to dirty than carpet and much easier to repair than wood or panel flooring.

As far as general cleaning goes, it’s no different than cleaning any hard floor.


For those with concrete in place, concrete staining is very affordable, especially considering the elegant appearance it gives off. Compared to stone, hard wood, or even some carpets, concrete staining could save you money while looking better.


One of the biggest reasons stained concrete in Minnesota and the rest of the country is so popular is the customization. With concrete staining, you have a lot of options at your disposable. We offer a large variety of colors, patterns, finishes, and more. You can even place custom designs on your floor to add some extra flair. Whatever your surrounding aesthetic is, we can find a finish and style that matches it perfectly.

Want to Learn More?

The best way to discover all the benefits of stained concrete is to talk to a professional. Visit our contact page and reach out to us to learn more about stained concrete, MN.