Winter Time is the Best Time for Basement Renovations

Well, Minnesota, we had a good run, but it looks winter has finally won out. The first flurries of the year have fallen. What happens next is always a bit of a mystery.

We could have snow until March. We could have snow until May.

Either way, you won’t be doing much outside for a while. For homeowners, that means it’s time to focus your attention inward. The winter time is the perfect time to get those interior projects done.

Especially Basements

Did you buy a home with a half-finished basement? Maybe your basement just needs a makeover. Either way, the winter months are a great time to get it done. With the holidays and being stuck inside due to weather, you probably won’t want to start tearing apart anything upstairs.

So let’s focus on the basement. That way, by the time it warms up, you’ll have the perfect hangout area for your evenings.

Concrete is the Foundation of Any Good Basement. Literally.

Before you start adding furnishings, dry wall, and paint, you’ll want to make sure the interior walls and foundation are secure. Some concrete crack repair may be needed to seal everything up properly. The last thing you want is for your brand-new basement to be ruined when the snow melts.

Rather than checking it yourself, it really pays to have a professional inspect it. This is one lesson you do not want to learn the hard way.

The Perfect Basement Floor

Eventually, you’ll be wondering what type of flooring to put in the basement. Do you go with carpet? Tile? Wood?

We’d suggest some beautiful stained concrete, and we have good reason for doing so.

One, stained concrete really does look great, adding a unique and customizable vibe to any basement.

Two, should any flooding happen in your basement, stained concrete is highly resilient and easy to clean. Plus, if you’re going to be having people spend a lot of time in your basement, the concrete is highly resistant to stains and spills.

And finally, you already have the concrete there, so it’s cheaper and easier. Your basement floor is cemented. All you need is a professional to come out to stain and seal it. There may be some leveling or repair needed, but even then, your basement was made for stained concrete.

Tis the Season for Finishing Your Basement

Don’t put off that basement any longer. When it’s done, you’ll be so happy that you finally took care of it. For all of your concrete needs, the professionals at Artisan Concrete Pro are here for you! Whether it’s crack repair, sealing, staining, or you had a bad job done before, and you’re in need of concrete coating removal, Minneapolis residents can count on us.

(Don’t worry, we’ll come out to western Wisconsin too.)

Contact us today.