Knowing When it’s Time for Concrete Coating Removal in Minneapolis

Concrete coating is an extra layer of protection for your cement flooring. It seals out moisture and helps prevent chipping, cracking, and more. Also, it tends to make it look pretty great. Coated concrete, when done correctly, is a uniquely beautiful addition to your home, your patio, your garage, and more.

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Done poorly though, and you could quickly find yourself in need of concrete coating removal. Minneapolis residents regularly ask us “How do I know if my coating needs to be removed?”

The best way to check is with an in-person inspection or photographs sent to a professional, but there are some basic questions you can run through to help assess the situation.

Is it Bubbling or Chipped?

Chipped sealant is often a sign of aged coating that’s breaking down and losing its bond with the concrete below. However, it can also be a sign of poor application. If the concrete surface is correctly cleaned and prepared before the initial coating is applied, the sealant might not bond to it. This leaves a fragile sealant that may bubble and/or chip away.

Is it Frosty?

When it comes to concrete sealant, you want a nice, shiny, clear appearance that almost looks wet. It’s very disappointing when, instead, your concrete appears hazy, frosty, or scuffed. This could mean a few things.

It’s possible that the coating has become old, dirty, or scratched. But once again, it could also be a problem with the original application. When too much sealant or coating is applied, the end result can look foggy.

Additionally, if the concrete wasn’t treated properly before application, you’ll likely find yourself with a dull finish. That’s why you should always have professional concrete coating removal. Minneapolis residents who try and take shortcuts usually pay for it in the long run.

How Long Ago was it Sealed?

Eventually, even the best concrete coatings need to be redone. Depending on the time of sealant used, a concrete coating can least 3-10 years. If you find yours is degrading earlier than that, you have been the victim of a poor application job.

Depending on how big the affected areas are, it might be able to be saved through patching and repair. If the job was done years earlier, it might simply be time to have it redone, in which case you’ll need some concrete coating removal.

Get a Professional Opinion

Concrete coating and sealing is a delicate operation, and removing a coating is arguably the most difficult part of it. If you truly want a great, long lasting result, it’s best to bring in a professional. For concrete coating removal, Minneapolis residents trust the team at Artisan Concrete.

We service the entire Twin Cities metro, western Wisconsin, and beyond with a variety of concrete services. If you’re experiencing concrete coating problems, give us a call, and we can help you determine the best course of action.