Deciding Between Tile Flooring or Interior Concrete Staining in Minneapolis

Hard floors generally have a timeless beauty that carpet doesn’t. The carpet that looks beautiful right now might look completely out of place in 5-10 years. And it will probably have accumulated a few stains and snags by then.

Hard floors are a great choice for almost any room. While stained wood is a popular for hallways and common rooms, it’s not always the best option for a kitchen or bathroom. Boards can crack. Water can seep in.

Not to mention the fact that if you’ve seen one wood floor, you’ve seen them all.

For unique style and durability, stained concrete is the way to go. When deciding between tile floors or interior concrete staining, Minneapolis residents are always asking us:

Which is the better option?

Here’s a breakdown…


When it comes to tile, you can of course purchase whatever material suits your needs. However, your choices are only as varied as what the store offers on the shelf. Also, you’ll be seeing those tiles for a long time, so if you end up not liking how they look, you could be in trouble.

Stained concrete can be styled to look like any type of hard stone surface. With a huge variety of patterns and colors to mix and experiment with, you can create something unique to your home that matches your vision exactly. You can even make it look like tile. If you end up changing your mind about how it looks down the road, the concrete surface is already there. You simply need it re-stained.

Interior Concrete Staining Minneapolis


While tiles are made of hard materials, they’re relatively thin, making them prone to breakage. Certain tile types also fade and deform from water exposure and humidity.

Thanks to their density and resilient outer coating, stained concrete is built to last. While this flooring could still crack, chip, or be scratched on occasion, a simple patch or polish job can restore it to look brand new again in no time.


The price of tile can vary greatly depending on what material you’re purchasing. There are cheaper options, but you often get what you pay for. Also, when getting a quote for tile, customers are often given the price of just the tile. This excludes grout, mortar, backer board, and other materials, which can quickly raise the cost.

Many find concrete staining to be surprisingly affordable, especially when factoring in how versatile and long lasting it is.

For those who already have concrete floors in place, staining them is a very cost effective way to get a beautiful finish.

Interior Concrete Staining for Minneapolis, the Greater Minnesota Area, and West Wisconsin

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You’ll quickly see that when it comes to flooring options, stained concrete is the superior choice. And when it comes to interior concrete staining, Minneapolis residents trust in the professionals at Artisan Concrete.