Concrete Resealing Minneapolis – Is it Time to Reseal My Concrete?

Sealing your concrete has a number of advantages. It helps it last longer, makes it moisture resistant, adds a beautiful sheen, and more. It’s especially popular on stained and decorate concrete, but you can use it wherever you like.

concrete resealing Minneapolis

As great as it is, nothing lasts forever.

Sooner or later, you need to get it touched up. Concrete sealing in Apple Valley is a common process for those wanting to keep their flooring attractive and well protected.

The good news is it’s not as much work as the initial process was. And it might not actually involve reapplying the same sealant as before.

But the question you probably have first is when do I need to get my sealant updated?

Factors of Concrete Sealant Longevity

There a number of things that will affect how long your sealant lasts.

  • * Foot traffic
  • * Weather exposure
  • * The type of sealant used
  • * Moisture conditions around and underneath concrete
  • * The quality of the original sealing job
  • * Your personal standards

Regarding the last one, some people want their concrete to keep that newly sealed look forever. As soon as it starts getting dull and faded, you may want a touch up. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get it resealed by that point, but it’s an option.

Resealing or a Touch Up?

Do I need concrete resealing, Minneapolis residents ask us. Or just a touch up?

If the surface looks significantly worn with no real coating left to be seen, then it might be time for a resealing. If it’s looking a little scuffed and cloudy, then a touch up might be enough. This, however, is something that’s best judged in person by a professional.

Try to reseal a floor that already has sealant on it, and you end up with too much of a good thing. The end will result will look hazy and unattractive by the time it settles.

Get your sealed concrete maintained properly. If you’re considering concrete resealing in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, or western Wisconsin, contact us today to schedule an inspection, and we can go from there.