Creating a Basement Bar

These days, it’s common for new homes to come with unfinished basements. While many people sadly leave these basements half finished, others see it as an opportunity to create a perfect leisure spot.

Specifically, a basement bar.

Basement bars have been around for a long time, and for good reason. They’re a great place to entertain a guest or just relax at the end of a long day. It doesn’t even have to contain alcohol. You can just as easily setup a soda or coffee bar. Whatever your preference is, a bar setup is perfect for basements.

Here’s what you need to make sure you do it right.

The Bar

Obviously, it’s not much of a bar without the actual bar counter While these can turn out to be the costly part of the setup, it’s worth investing in a quality counter. In our opinion, it’s hard to beat a solid wood top. It’s up to you whether you want to go with a glossy or less glossy finish.

While you don’t have to get too carried away, an L shaped bar will be you the ability to sit a few people around it.

Behind the bar, you’ll want a small sink setup for convenience sake. Some storage underneath can be handy as well.

A Minifridge

A full-sized fridge takes up excessive space, looks out of place, and is expensive. Instead, opt for a minifridge that can tuck away under the counter. Just make sure it’s big enough to hold a decent amount of beverages. If you can fit an ice-tray or two in there, that’s ideal.


Some selective signage is the perfect way to enhance the aesthetic of the bar setup. The key is to not get carried away. A neon sign or two, maybe a vintage poster will do the trick. Choose ones that are related to whatever you’re serving down there.

Stained Concrete Floor

The floor is a sometimes-overlooked part of the basement bar, but it’s every bit as important as the rest of the setup. It will complete the atmosphere. And that’s why stained concrete is the best choice for a basement bar.

It can be designed to match the rest of the setup, no matter what your style is. And it’s very functional for a bar. Thanks to it’s hard surface and exterior coating, it’s resistant to any spills you might have. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.

Just make sure you hire a professional. Concrete stain is a very strong, very permanent compound. A professional application will not only save a lot of hassle, but it’s surprisingly affordable. For concrete staining and concrete sealing in Minnesota contact us here at Artisan Concrete Pro.

Whether it’s for a basement bar, a kitchen, a patio, or something else entirely, we’ll make sure the job gets done right.