Improving the Appearance of Your Backyard Pool Area

Having a pool in your backyard can feel like a dream come true. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than to be able to walk right out your backdoor and into a refreshing swimming pool.

They’re perfect for both parties or moments of relaxation.

Whether you already have a pool, you’re looking to buy a house with a pool, or you’re preparing to have a pool installed, here’s some advice to keep your appearance up.

Proper Pool Maintenance

This is the first priority. If your pool is dirty, cloudy, or discolored, it doesn’t really matter what you do around it. Though some will tell you that maintaining a backyard pool is a lot of work, it’s pretty straightforward.

The key is to stay regular in your maintenance, taking a minute to clean out the filters multiple times a week, skimming and vacuuming regularly, and always making sure chlorine is at the proper levels. Occasionally, you may have to adjust other chemicals, but generally, chlorine will do the hard work.

Want to give it that picture perfect blue color for a special event? You can actually buy some blue pool coloring at your local supply store to enhance the appearance. Just know that it only lasts a day or so, and it’s only going to work if your pool is properly cleaned.

Some Fencing

If you don’t already have a fenced in backyard, you’ll probably want to change that. Otherwise, your backyard pool might seem like an open invitation to the entire neighborhood. Also, the chances of an animal ending up in your pool are a lot more likely.


Most of your pool use will probably happen during the daylight, but some proper lighting can still be a great addition to your backyard pool area.

If they weren’t installed with the rest of your pool, adding in-pool lights can be a little tricky for an in-ground pool, though there are plenty of options for floating lights.

Path lights work great for surrounding the pool area. Backyard string lights have also become very popular, adding that magical evening quality.

Stained Concrete

Most likely, your inground pool will be surrounded by concrete. Adding some stain will boost the appearance of your pool area significantly, giving it a timeless look. Just don’t try and do this part yourself.

Many pool owners will try to use concrete paint which fades and flakes. Or they’ll buy stain and quickly realize it’s not as easy to apply as the salesman promised.

When you have to hire a professional to remove a botched stain or paint job before they can apply a proper coating, it ends up costing a lot more than if you had just called a professional in the first place.

Improve your pool appearance without the headaches. Hire a professional to stain the concrete around your pool. At Artisan Concrete, in addition to concrete sealing and staining, we also offer stamping and design surfaces. This can make your concrete look like stone, tile, and more!

If you really want to make your backyard pool area look its back, contact Artisan Concrete Pro today!