Our basement flooded after heavy rains and sump pump gave out. We decided not to carpet and after much research and several bids we decided to go with water based stain, sealer and wax. Josh had to profile the floor, stain, seal and wax the floor. We had approximately 800 square feet. Josh gave us references and he set up a visit with a former client and allowed us to review his work before he began. We were impressed with the result and gave him the go ahead. He estimated the job would take a week but ran into some unexpected problems. He took all the time necessary to get the job done right. He worked with us to ensure the colors were correct (including providing multiple samples that he had to later strip). He worked hard and efficiently. He gained our trust in a short period of time; coming and going from our home as he pleased. He did an excellent job on the project and clean up. I would highly recommend. His quote was more than reasonable and we love the results.