Should I Stain My Own Concrete?

With the rise of the prevalence of the internet and the ever increasing popularity of HGTV, “Do-It-Yourself” projects are more popular than ever. With the right materials and a little guidance from a Pinterest link or a YouTube video, everyday people are accomplishing some pretty cool things.

But for every successful DIY project, there seem to be three to four disastrous ones. There are entire websites dedicated to Pinterest fails.

Now, when you’re baking cookies or trying to create a rustic coffee table, this isn’t a huge deal. When it’s a larger home improvement job, however, a mistake or two can be pretty costly.

Take Stained Concrete for Example

More and more people are realizing that stained concrete is a beautiful, affordable alternative to wood or tile floors. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and it just shines. Literally.

The trouble is, it’s not as simple to apply as it might look.

Many home and business owners think it’s like painting a wall or staining a deck. Just grab a brush, spread the liquid substance around, and let it dry. However, staining concrete requires a bit more finesse.

Concrete Stain is More Complex Than Paint

Though you can buy it at the same store you buy paint at, concrete stain is a complex and often finicky substance. When it hits the concrete, it creates a chemical bound as it soaks into the surface. In other words, when colored concrete stain is applied, it’s applied for good. This makes mistakes very hard to undo.

That’s not all.

Stain is sensitive, especially regarding the amount applied. Apply too much stain, and it could have an adverse effect resulting in an undesired look. There’s also the surface of the concrete to take into account. The key to a good or successful staining job is all in the prep work. It doesn’t matter how good of a job you do applying the stain.

If you aren’t prepping correctly, your stain will not turn out right.

That’s why we put a strong emphasis on prep work with our staining projects. We’ll spend days prepping for a job that ultimately takes about 30 minutes to stain.

There’s no such thing as too much prep when it comes to concrete staining. If you get the prep wrong, the job will be a loss. And that’s why….

It’s Best to Start with a Professional

When it comes to interior concrete staining, Apple Valley residents have learned (occasionally the hard way) that it’s best to trust in a pro.

At Artisan Concrete Pro, we’ve applied countless amounts of stain in every condition there is. We don’t just know how to do it; we know how to do it right. DIY projects are great. But staining concrete isn’t a DIY project.

If you need concrete staining in the Twin Cities metro or western Wisconsin, contact us today.