Why Stained Concrete is Perfect for Basements

Basements are a great thing. They provide extra storage, living space, and more. But since they’re underground, they face some unique issues that rest of the house doesn’t, specifically involving moisture.

You may have flooding issues, mold build up, and dank smells, which are particularly bad when you have carpet flooring.

Even those who think they’re completely safe will suddenly find themselves with standing water after a particularly nasty winter or a few days of heavy rain. And that’s one reason why…

Stained Concrete is Great for Basements

A flooded basement is going to be a bad time no matter what. But when your floor is concrete instead of carpet or wood, it’s going to be a lot more bearable. While concrete itself is better than nothing, with some stain or sealant, you’re extra protected from moisture, leaving you with a still-great finish once the water has been removed.

Of course, that is by no means the only reason to use stained concrete in your basement.

Stained Concrete is Beautiful in and Of Itself

Stained concrete is a great way to add a distinct look or vibe to your basement. As guests walk down the stairs, they’ll be floored (pun intended) with the radiance the stain puts out.  Stains can be chosen to match any look, style, or color. You can even get stain finishes that look like marble or wood.

They’re Affordable

The quality finish of stained concrete make them appear more expensive than they actually are. For basements, stained concrete is often the cheapest option outside of leaving dull, unfinished concrete in place.

And with the added protection, long lasting ability, and aversion to water, they’ll save you money in repairs and replacements down the road as well.

Get Your Basement Stained Right

Concrete stain is an incredibly sensitive substance. We know they make it look easy on TV, but just because Bob Ross made it look like child’s play to paint beautiful landscapes doesn’t mean it actually is.

Make a mistake during concrete staining, and it will make things worse, not better, resulting in you hiring a professional any way to correct your errors and then do the job properly.

If you’re going to stain your basement floor, get the job done right the first time by using a professional.

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