Stained Concrete vs Carpet

Flooring is something you should never take for granted. It will take a bigger beating than anything else in a room, and yet, it also has to look presentable. The look of a floor has a profound impact on the style of the entire room.

The good news is you have a number of options when it comes to flooring. But what’s best for you? What’s more affordable? What will fit your specific needs?

Today, we’re going to compare two popular flooring options: stained concrete and carpet.

While carpet has long remained a popular option, stained concrete is on the rise, and for good reason.


Unless we’re talking a utility room or storage closet, you want the floor to look nice. While there are certainly some nice-looking carpets, most don’t really stand out. Carpet is either pretty vanilla or it looks like it came out of the 70’s/80’s. There’s no real middle ground.

For stained concrete, you have a lot design options. You can have beautiful patterns, different levels of gloss, and an endless amount of colors. Stained concrete can be subdued in appearance. Or it can really pop. Frankly, it can be whatever you want and still look great.

You can even have stained concrete that looks like stone, marble, wood, and more.


This category is much less subjective. When it comes to endurance, stained concrete easily wins. It can handle spills, scuffs, and more. Whereas carpet (especially lighter colors) are easily stained, stained concrete is highly resistant to liquids.

While it’s true that stained concrete can wear and fade overtime, it simply requires a touchup to return it to its former glory. Carpet, on the other hands, needs to be torn up and replaced.


This category can vary depending on your situation and the carpet you’re looking at. However, stained concrete is usually the cheaper option between the two, especially if you already have a concrete floor in place.

Don’t forget that for carpet flooring, carpet isn’t the only material you need to buy. There is also the carpet padding, glue, and tack strips.

There is a Place for Carpet

Are there situations where carpet is probably the superior choice? Of course. A family room is often best with carpet. The same goes for a child’s playroom or your own bedroom. Carpet is soft and warm.

But if you’re really looking to make a room or hallway standout, it’s hard to beat stained concrete. You can easily place some rugs in places where a little softness is required.

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