Preventing Post-Winter Basement Flooding

The weather has recently warmed up, melting a lot of the snow away. But is winter actually over? Probably not for Minnesota.

The winter to spring transition doesn’t just play with our emotions. It takes a toll on our homes as well. Every year, many homeowners experience basement flooding as the melted snow and ice seeps into their foundation.

And then the spring showers start, and the flooding only gets worse.

Carpet rots and smells terrible. Walls develop mold. Furniture is ruined. It’s a nightmare. So how do you prevent it? Here’s some advice from the pros:

Move Snow Away from House

If there’s still snow on the ground, try and get it away from your house. It might seem strange to shovel something that’s not your driveway, but moving snow away from your exterior walls can greatly reduce the chances of basement flooding.

Get a Sump Pump

Not every house needs a sump pump, but many can benefit from it. Is your house on flat or low-lying soil? Have you had trouble with basement flooding in the past? If so, a sump pump can be a lifesaver for you.

Fix Foundation Cracks

That water has to get into your home somewhere. Foundation cracks are a regular cause of leaks and flooding in your basement. If you’re uncertain of your foundation’s condition, give us a call, and we can see if you need some concrete crack repair.

Watch Closely

If there’s a particular day with a lot of snow melting or heavy rainfall, make sure to check your basement and see how it’s holding up. A flooded basement is a lot easier to deal with if you catch it right away.

Go with Sealed Concrete Floors

Carpeted basements seem like a great idea until you experience flooding. A superior choice would be sealed and stained concrete floors. Stained concrete not only looks great, but it’s water resistant. Should the worst case scenario happen, and your basement floods, your floor will be one less problem to worry about.

For interior concrete staining in the Minneapolis area, contact us at Artisan Concrete Pro. We’ll make sure your floor is ready for whatever lies ahead.